Cranberry Apple Fruit Tea


1oz (approx. 10-15 servings) and 4oz  (approx. 35-40 servings) Loose Leaf Cranberry Apple Fruit Tea is full flavored and pungent with a rich fruity character. Add a cinnamon stick or a few cloves for an exotic mulled spice tea. Enjoy iced or hot.

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Indulge in the delicious and refreshing blend of Cranberry Apple Fruit Tea, now available in eco-friendly tea bags and loose leaf tea options. Crafted with the finest ingredients, this tea is a perfect balance of tart cranberries and sweet apples, complemented by the floral notes of hibiscus petals and the fruity tang of rosehip, elderberry, and cranberry pieces.

What makes this tea truly special is the all-organic compliant ingredients and natural flavors used in its creation. You can enjoy every sip of this tea without worrying about any harmful chemicals or additives.

Brew a cup of Cranberry Apple Fruit Tea at any time of day and relish the invigorating aroma and flavor. Its light-bodied and fruity taste is perfect for sipping hot or cold, making it an excellent option for any season or occasion.

Whether you prefer to brew it in eco-friendly tea bags or loose leaf form, this tea will deliver the same premium quality taste and aroma. So why wait? Satisfy your cravings and give your taste buds the delicious treat they deserve with Cranberry Apple Fruit Tea.


Apple pieces, Hibiscus petals, Rosehip + Elderberry + Cranberry pieces, Natural flavors (organic compliant).

Tea(s) From: Turkey / Chile / China / Egypt
Region(s): Anatolia / Patagonia / Shandong / Nile Delta River + Fayoum

Steeping Instructions

Heat water to 100ºC/212ºF. Add 1 heaping teaspoon of loose leaf tea. Steep for 5-10 minutes

Caffeine Level

None – Caffeine Free

Additional information

Weight 1.7 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4.4 × 2 in

15 Eco-Friendly Tea Bags, Sample Tea Bags (5 Tea Bags), 1oz Loose Leaf Tea (AVG 10 – 15 cups), 4oz Loose Leaf Tea (AVG 35 – 40 cups)


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