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  • Apple Spice Black Tea

    Apple Spice Black Tea

    Apple Spice Black Tea has a full fresh apple pie flavor. Enjoy iced or hot.Loose Leaf tea available in 1oz  (approx. 10-15 servings ) and 4oz (approx. 35 – 40 servings).

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  • Blueberry Tea

    Blueberry Black Tea (Tea Bags, Loose Leaf Teas)

    Order your Blueberry Black Tea today and experience the delicious and wholesome taste of this refreshing beverage.

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  • Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea Blend

    Cinnamon Apple Spice Black Tea

    Loose Leaf Tea in 20 Eco-friendly Teabags. We gently breakup our loose leaf teas for use in eco-friendly tea bags to help retain full flavor.

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  • Egyptian Chamomile Tea

    Egyptian Chamomile Tea

    This Egyptian Chamomile Tea is very aromatic with a fruity tending floral flavor. The aroma and taste are soothing with each and every cup. Enjoy at any time of the day.

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  • 4oz Ginger Turmeric Loose Leaf Tea

    Ginger Turmeric Herbal Tea

    Ginger Turmeric Herbal Tea. Full green tea notes. Light floral notes of exceptional seasonal Kenyans. Pungent and spicy with a warmth ending.
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  • Mindful Moringa Loose Leaf Tea

    Mindful Moringa Tea

    0.7oz Loose Leaf Mindful Moringa tea provides 10-15 servings per 6oz cup of tea. Excellent mandarin orange notes you’ll never forget. Superb hot or cold.

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  • Peppermint Tea

    Peppermint Tea

    This Peppermint Tea has a cool and refreshing menthol flavor that makes a very satisfying drink that can be enjoyed hot and cold. Breathe deeply with every sip and allow the menthol aroma to clear the sinuses!

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  • 4oz Strawberry Kiwi Loose Leaf Tea

    Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Tea

    Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Tea has a bold strawberry kiwi flavor, tart, full bodied notes. Enjoy iced or hot.

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  • Tea Gift Sets

    Tea Gift Set | 3 Assorted 15 Pyramid TeaBag Set

    Our assorted three (15 Pyramid Tea) set is a collection of teas that presents a diverse set of handcrafted teas, carefully curated with a range in tastes and aromas in mind. This set comes with a total of 45 pyramid tea bags. Makes a perfect gift for the holidays, birthdays and so much more!

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