Almond Milk

Homemade Unsweetened Almond Milk

This is a very simple recipe to make unsweetened Almond Milk. It only requires 3 ingredients, a nut bag or cheese cloth and a power blender. Contains no preservatives, gums or emulsifiers.
Prep Time: 9 Minutes
Course: Breakfast, Drinks
Servings: 4 Cups


  • High-powered Blender
  • Nut bag or Cheese cloth


  • 1 Cup – Raw Almonds
  • 4 Cups – Water
  • 1 Pinch – Salt


  1. Place raw almonds in a blow and cover with water
  2. Let the almonds soak overnight
  3. Drain and rinse the almonds
  4. Optional – Peel the almond skin. If you place the almonds in hot water for 2-3 minutes this should make this setup much easier
  5. Place almonds in the high-powered blender
  6. Aad 4 cus of water
  7. Blend on high for 2 minutes
  8. Add a pinch of salt and blend for a few seconds
  9. Over a large bowl, add blended milk to the nut bag or cheese cloth
  10. Squeeze out the liquid and place in a jar
  11. Please in the refrigerator and enjoyed chilled
  12. Optional – You can add vanilla extract or powdered chocolate to flavor the milk

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